New gear

So, this year we are going out on the river in June. Instead of wetsuits and long underwear, a swim suit and bug repellent are on my list. I have made some new purchases as well. I have purchased a new sleeping pad which hopefully will be wide enough that I don’t feel I am rolling off everytime¬†I turn over. I also splurged big time and decided this was the time to buy the new iPhone. So we will have the ability to track ourselves and even look ahead to see where we might camp each night relative to towns and cities. Since we will be on the river for five days, it seems this new feature could come in handy. There may even be a night we need a motel room!

I’m imaging that we will see many more recreational vehicles than we have in October or May, the months we have gone in the past. This could be both a plus and a minus. I’m hoping it means we meet some interesting people not just along the river but ON the river. I also imagine that the commercial traffic may be more dense than we are used to. So we may be dodging the barges and fishing boats!

We leave for Marietta, Ohio, a week from today and, all things going well, the good folks at Marietta Adventure Company will meet us Sunday morning as we get in the river, take Karen’s van, and then meet us five days down river on the following Friday. Putting in in Marietta, five hours drive from Jamestown, means that the travel arrangements have become more complicated. But it is still working. How far away do we have to get for it to be formidable? After this trip we will still have about 600 miles of the Ohio to paddle!