June 2012

The first 2-3 days we had mayflies with us like a plague of locusts! Hanging on trees and signs and barges and us!

Karen with Carol Addams in Syracuse, Ohio. She let us camp by the river in front of her guest house on our third night.
Karen chatting with Brian Johnson. We camped on his father’s land. Don Johnson is pictured in the dozer building a firing range. Lovely spot along the river for our second night out.
June 24:  We were offered a camping spot by Jim and Joyce on their stream side property on Little Hocking Creek. Great spot but the neighboring dogs barked and fought all night and we scarcely slept. Then we heard wild animal sounding panting and it scared us! We were ready to head out in the morning to a quieter place!
We went exploring down some side creeks…very cool and moist. Seemed like the jungle in places!

Earl, Sarah, Brenda and Dave welcome us to their Hockingport, Ohio, campground. Turns out that Karen and Sarah have some mutual acquaintences in Ashtabula, OH! It’s a small world out there.

June 25th Hockingport, Ohio:  After they discovered us napping on the campground docks, Brenda gave us a golf cart ride to the showers and the convenient store for ice and back to our boat.  It was an unexpected gift!  We went to that spot because we thought Eddie’s Marina was there.  Turns out Eddie is dead and his son turned it into a private campground. 

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