Third Day

We completed 23 miles today for a total of 90 in three days. We are pooped! We are camped tonight next to a storage container at a marina with music from the bar to lull us to sleep. Here are a few photos of the day, including lunch in Newburgh, IN, where there is an old lock house; a small channel we canoed on off the shipping lane of the river (we actually had two opportunities to do that today); a view of the river where it looks like a lake; an old log cabin and a beautiful gabled house overlooking the river; and of course, our humble home. We continue to marvel at the kindness of strangers…we are here in the marina as a gift from the owner. Tomorrow promises lots of rain so we plan to explore Evansville and possibly stay here another night. While the campsite is unusual, we have access to a bathroom and shower! Yay!


We reached a milestone 

1000 miles since 2001. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, we made a short video. Enjoy!​

Second Day Comes To a Peaceful End

We have just completed a little over 30 miles on the river today. That’s second to the most number of miles that we have done on the river in one day. It was a cool day with a little bit of a breeze on and off but we made great time and mostly the water was very calm. We enjoyed a little break in Rockport, Indiana, a little town where we walked to get ice cream and coffee and some fresh fruit at the grocery store.As usual we have met some wonderful people along the river and have had interesting conversations. We talked to one fisherman, an old guy, who had lived all of his life in Rockport and he told us about how they used to get the shells off the bottom of the river and use them to make buttons in the factories in Rockport. One man we spoke with yesterday said that everyone has a story. We have certainly discovered that to be true as we talk to people along the river. Today because we pushed on a little farther it was getting later into the afternoon and evening before we found a place to stay. We were starting to head across the river from Owensboro, Kentucky, when we saw what looked like a little marina on our side of the river. We decided to take the chance and paddle down and discovered a yet-to-be-open-for-the-season club and a bunch of guys enjoying the late afternoon together. We learned that we had landed at the Redneck Boat Club. Their description, not ours. In talking to Billy Joe, one of the guys at the boat club, we learned his definition of redneck. For him a redneck is the opposite of a gentleman. This definition we had ever heard. They all appear to be gentlemen and most of them have now gone home and we feel very safe in our temporary home. Pictures below.

Day Two….12 miles so far in 3 hours

A view of where we have come from  and where we are going. I love the panoramic view! What you can’t see if s the power plant just out of view to the left. 

We left this morning atound 6:30 from our site at a new friend’s rv garage. The waters are calm so far thorough I feel a wind picking up. We will see if we can do another 11 in three hours!

I also had to photo these cool tree roots!

End of Day One on the River

After a somewhat sleepless and raining night under the shelter in Rome, Indiana, we headed out onto the river around 7:15. I will elaborate at a later date but we had a wonderful day on the river in spite of a rainstorm and some pretty strong headwinds at times. We saw some great wildlife including a bald eagle and turtles, heron and vultures. But the very best part of the day was the people we met who were, as usual, very helpful. One couple found us a place to stay down the river in Tell City, Indiana. Yes, named after William Tell as there were many Swiss immigrants in the area. So right now we’re sleeping in a tent outside a block building right inside the flood walls of tile city. And we have cold running water and a toilet and electricity which is always very exciting. We expect to be sore tomorrow morning as we paddled 26 miles today which was a lot for a first day going against the headwinds. Here are some photos of our day. 

First Night

The day has gone very smoothly. Karen’s drive to Cincinnati and my flight to Cincinnati were easy and we happily met at the airport. From there we had another three hours or so to get to Rome Indiana where we got out of the river last year. We stopped across the river from Louisville in New Albany and found a burger place for dinner. The rest of the drive brought a heavy downpour that had mostly stopped by the time we pulled into the park in Rome. We had gotten previous permission to camp here but were uncharacteristically daunted by the large family party going on with music, beer, horseshoes, etc. We felt like we were crashing a party that might go on all night and weren’t sure how to proceed. Our hesitation was quickly overcome by the approach of the guest of honor from the party. Noah was being feted for his retirement from coal mining. And he quickly said: “I know who you are! You are those ladies paddling down the river.” We were fast friends. Before long we were offered a covered shelter with electricity and met Hawk and Tim as well. All we can say is that we continue to stand in awe of the grace and hospitality we receive along the way. For those who worry about us….this hospitality is what we live for and what keeps us going. We are tucked in now for the night, hiding out from the skeeters. Tomorrow we head downriver.

24 Hours and Counting

While Karen enjoys showing off our new bent paddles that are supposed to carry us faster and further on the river, I spent the evening packing the few things I will take in the canoe into this tiny bag. In less than 24 hours we will meet in Cincinnati and drive to Perry County, Indiana, where we will put in the river on Sunday morning in Rome, Indiana.