Hints for fellow paddlers

First locks and dams on the Allegheny River are open seasonally.  CALL AHEAD if you are not paddling on a weekend!

Think about how you will keep the gear off the floor of the canoe in case of rain.

Found this helpful guide to camping in Wayne National Forest…


Here’s a site for boaters of all sorts to learn about the Ohio River: http://watercraft.ohiodnr.gov/publications




2 responses to “Hints for fellow paddlers

  1. Very much enjoyed reading about your canoe trip and also very interested in following your progress if you get back on the water. I have just finished paddling the Monongahela river from Fairmont to Pittsburgh, I want to paddle the Ohio river in September of this year so your comments and pictures were fascinating. I wish you well with all your future endeavours, and thanks for sharing with us newbies.


    • Glad you enjoyed our comments. Happy paddling. We are going back out on the Ohio in early October for a couple of days. Maybe as we travel down the river we could make plans to meet up with folks like you here and there!

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