Have a Good Journey

Yesterday we took a break in Mount Vernon, Kentucky, where we walked around the park and found public restrooms. This is one of our more serious games: seeing how often we can use public bathrooms or portapotties. We did well on this trip! But I digress….
We headed back to the canoe. An older woman stopped us and said she was down at the river with her almost 92-year-old mother and the mother was interested in our story. So we decided to go up and tell them both what we have been up to. The mother thanked us for telling our story and, in her words wished us “a good journey.”

We were both struck by her use of these words. Usually when we tell people about our trips, we get varied responses. Sometimes people say “have a safe journey.” Sometimes people say “be safe.” Sometimes people say “that sounds like such fun.” Sometimes people say “I don’t think I could ever do that.”
But June used different and distinct words. She said “have a good journey.” It struck me that because she was almost 92 she had a good sense of life’s journeys and she didn’t have to worry about us or warn us to stay safe. She just wanted us to have a good journey. And that is exactly what we are having.
And to top it off, we had dinner last night at Hannah’s Place in Uniontown, Kentucky, where we ended our trip this year. We also had breakfast this morning here. In fact, we are here for a third time having a Pepsi waiting for Mitch, our ride back to Karen’s car, to arrive. On the wall of the bathroom here we found this small mural (photo attached).IMG_0920.JPG&! I It was just perfect.


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