First Night

The day has gone very smoothly. Karen’s drive to Cincinnati and my flight to Cincinnati were easy and we happily met at the airport. From there we had another three hours or so to get to Rome Indiana where we got out of the river last year. We stopped across the river from Louisville in New Albany and found a burger place for dinner. The rest of the drive brought a heavy downpour that had mostly stopped by the time we pulled into the park in Rome. We had gotten previous permission to camp here but were uncharacteristically daunted by the large family party going on with music, beer, horseshoes, etc. We felt like we were crashing a party that might go on all night and weren’t sure how to proceed. Our hesitation was quickly overcome by the approach of the guest of honor from the party. Noah was being feted for his retirement from coal mining. And he quickly said: “I know who you are! You are those ladies paddling down the river.” We were fast friends. Before long we were offered a covered shelter with electricity and met Hawk and Tim as well. All we can say is that we continue to stand in awe of the grace and hospitality we receive along the way. For those who worry about us….this hospitality is what we live for and what keeps us going. We are tucked in now for the night, hiding out from the skeeters. Tomorrow we head downriver.


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