Pushing Back Out Onto the Ohio Next Month

I only subscribe to one magazine at this point in my life. It is Yankee: New England’s Magazine. It is so fun to read the stories of “my” people. On both sides of my family, we have branches of the tree that reach out to New England. When I read the articles it makes so much sense to me. I see patterns that were passed down through my family that clearly originated in the hearty people and landscapes of Vermont and Maine.

The latest issue of Yankee  arrived today and, as usual when reading magazines, I scanned from the back to the front. My eyes lit quickly upon the quote from Katherine Hepburn (a native of CT): “As one goes through life, one learns that if you don’t paddle your own canoe, you don’t move.” How perfect. Just today, Karen and Mark left our home after a wonderful weekend together in Vermont. Karen and I have been on this canoe trek since 2001, starting in Red Bird Corner, New York. In four weeks, we will be back on the Ohio River nearly 1000 miles from where we started. The longer we travel this crazy path, the more we learn about life, each other, ourselves, the water, landscape, the kindness of strangers…well, just about everything.

One thing we have learned is that even when you do paddle your own canoe and paddle hard, you might not move very much. The headwinds of the Ohio River can be impossible. There has really only been one day that was so bad that we had to stop altogether. We had paddled for an hour and had gone only one mile. This blog is full of many of the stories from our annual canoe trip with Wonder. It is full of lessons and the wonderful people we have met along the way.

After this past weekend together, we are both ready to meet again in a month and discover new territory, new friends, and new strength. And we pray that the wind will indeed be at our back every day so that we can make our way another 130 or so miles toward Cairo, Illinois. We look forward to our faithful followers coming along as well as we post to this blog as time and cell towers allow.

Thanks for being part of our journey!


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