And the best campsite yet!

So we have always been lucky in finding decent to excellent campsites but we outdid ourselves tonight.  After a very long day including rising at 4:45 am to the train just feet from our tent, to paddling in the heat in spite of our early departure, to napping in a town park and chatting with one of the local teens, to trying to sail with my new sail for canoes, to a few drops of rain and a thunder clap or two,  we finally arrived at our destination of Leavenworth, Indiana.  25 miles today and we were turned downed at a local rv park. No tents allowed.  We asked about a restaurant.  Yes, there is one up the hill.  We were tired and cranky and took stock of the hour…5:30…and the options and decided to walk to the restaurant. UP to the restaurant about two miles up.  Did I already say up???  Hot and sweaty, we plugged on not knowing for sure where it was.  We were rewarded greatly for our efforts for not only did we find a great dinner at the Overlook but it was an incredible view of where we had been and where we were going on the river.  We enjoyed our waitress and two couples who chatted with us about our exploits.  We had passed an inn on the way UP the hill and inquired about it.  It was closed.  We now had it in our minds to have a shower and a decent place to sleep. So the waitress gave us some local info and we called a number for a cabin.  Not only did we get the cabin  but it is a gorgeous log cabin overlooking our beloved river.  And Karen and Gary, the cabin proprietors, came and fetched us at the restaurant, then fetched our canoe and belongings and brought us to this beautiful cabin!  After showering, we sat in the hot tub and marveled at what comes our way.  We were really close to overdone this afternoon and felt we needed a break.  We have it now and will enjoy a lazy morning before being returned to the river  to see how far we can get tomorrow.  We have already done more than 110 miles so we are happy to take it easy for the final two days of our journey.


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