Indeed we did find another great spot to camp. We are now the sole inhabitants of Otter Creek State Park in Kentucky. The park has been closed for some time but we could still access the boat ramp and we found ourselves a great spot and a creek to bathe in.  That’s a first for us.

We are proud to have paddled about 28 miles today for a total of 80 so far this week.  The waters have been calm all week. It was very hot but we took necessary breaks. We found a convenience store where we could get hot dogs and ice cream in West Point as well as our ice and provisions as previously mentioned.  We have not found the kind of river restaurants that we found last year so we’ve been mostly living off of crackers and cheese and sausage and the few freeze dried meals so hotdog and ice cream seemed very appealing.

After traveling many miles on a very industrial Ohio River we have come into an area between Kentucky and Indiana that is totally wilderness and beautiful. Quiet and serene, woodpecker pecking in the distance. And birds singing their evening songs.

It is interesting to travel this river with so much Civil War history. We ponder as we go down the river that freedom was on the north side of the river and slavery in the south. In so many parts of the world this is so true: just a river or a wall separate people from freedom.



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