End of day three

We had an incredibly full and rewarding day. Last night we camped on 12 mile Island outside Louisville and we met a great man Mitch. We enjoyed a fire with him before retiring to our tent. Sleeping much better than we did the night before we awoke and were on the river by 630.  Strangely, last night we experienced something we had also experienced the previous night. We heard a wild animal of some sort killing another animal. Scarier the night before but still a little alarming.  We met Mitch in the morning and he agreed to meet us in Louisville at the community boat club. He was there when we arrived. He treated us to showers at the boat club. And then showed us the city.   Little did we expect when we woke up this morning that today would be the day we saw our first horse race at Churchill Downs. And little did Maggie know that it would be the first time she got a senior discount anywhere. There’s something to be said for turning 60. Though it was a compliment that the woman at the ticket booth didn’t believe any of us were 60.Mitch treated us to a late breakfast followed by a tour of the city including many sites but the highlights were the Louisville slugger Museum and factory and Churchill Downs the home of the Kentucky derby. More later but for now we are settled in on a rock outcropping into the river having passed through the only lock we will go through this time. We have a fire going and will soon be in our tent to escape the mosquitoes.  Sorry if my grammar and punctuation looks weird but I’m reading this into my phone.


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