Day one…May 28

I’m in a motel room near the Cleveland airport. I’m waiting for Karen to arrive with the red canoe on top. Then we have a days drive to get to our put in place in Madison Indiana. It’s been a long haul to get to this point. I left my office at 2 PM yesterday Friday. I was driven to the Manchester New Hampshire Airport by Char Delabar one of our volunteers at my work.  She earned the distinction of being the first angel on our trip this year. My flights from Manchester to Cleveland were OK. The second one was an hour late so I didn’t get into Cleveland until 12:15am.  The hardest part was that I was not well directed, in fact I was not directed at all, to where to wait for the hotel shuttle so it was 1 AM before I got the shuttle and 2 AM before I went to bed. I set the alarm for eight not realizing that accidentally it was also set for 5:15. So just over three hours later I was awakened. I managed to fall back to sleep for a couple of hours but then finally got up.   I showered for perhaps the last time in several days. Then went down and had a nice breakfast. And then spent the rest of my time while waiting for Karen trying to figure out how to fold the sailing unit I bought to experiment with this year. The attached pictures show that this device has to go from a big round circle to three little circles.  It’s hard to picture it without somebody actually taking a picture of me battling with it but after many attempts I feel competent to do this even within the confines of a canoe. So happy sailing is an apt wish for us and may the wind be at our back.


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