And it was evening the third day. We have paddled another 28ish miles and are enjoying a somewhat civilized RV resorts. It was a great day on the river. There are moments of high winds and the little bit of rain but we found a place to stop in the mid afternoon and get a shower. We are really grateful for hot and cold running water when we’re on the river. We saw A turtle a bald eagle and the beaver that slapped his tail twice at us. I have attached the two pictures to show that in one day we can have wavy water and very stillwater. I think I’ve only posted the very still mirror like pictures in the past. We saw a lot of other cool things today including an area called Kirby rocks where there were composite sedimentary kind of rock formations along the river. It’s hard to write very much on an iPhone so I’ll call it quits for this evening. I’ll try to report in again tomorrow.


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