We are ready!

24 hours from now, Karen and I will be sitting on the banks of the Ohio River, wondering what the week will bring us.  We already know that it promises a lot of rain.  We are OK with that as at least it will be warm rain.  We remember, not fondly, a few trips in the spring and fall when we were pretty sure we were going to get hypothermia.  So a warm summer rain works.

We just talked on the phone, discussing the final arrangements and the kindness of friends who will help us with the logistics.  Seems each year that we trust more that things will unfold as they should.  Yes, we are both excited.

At 4 am tomorrow, John and I will leave to go to Logan airport.  My excitement for the trip will overcome my desire to stay in bed, I am sure.  So, here’s to a safe and fun-filled week.  Karen, I’m glad beyond words that we are friends and that our friendship has outlasted major moves, job changes and the many things are can separate friends over decades.


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