Canoe Dancing

I have often said that if someone can think it up, someone is already doing it.  Well, I never would have thought up the concept of canoe dancing but obviously others have thought it and done it.  As the ice recedes from the Connecticut River and my eyes and heart set themselves on another river, The Ohio, I look forward to a week of paddling with Karen as we make our way down to the Mississippi.  We engage at this time of the year in the practical planning.  How will I get to here? What city to fly into so Karen can fetch me on her way from Jamestown with Wonder, our canoe, atop her van?  What cool new item of clothing might I find to take this year?  Or interesting new dehydrated dinner?

As I ponder these practical things, up on my Facebook comes a promotion for the Ohio River Paddle Fest which we hope to attend at the end of our week this year.  The promotion shows a canoe dancer!  Yes, you read that right.  There are people out there who dance with their canoes!  It feels akin to wheelchair dancing in that the dancer is part of an inanimate object that takes on a life of its own in the gestalt of the dance.  Don’t believe me?  Click here to check this one out and then google “canoe dance” to find more.

I doubt Karen and I will become professional canoe dancers but I can imagine that if we find a bend in the river where no one is watching (and there are PLENTY of them), we might just see what we can do.  Also, there needs to be no wind.  That might kill any idea of trying this as there is seldom of time there is no wind on that river.

Canoe dancing?  Who’d a thunk it?  What else do people do with their canoes that we don’t know about?


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