Those of us who live in the northeast feel as though we have been in the grasp of the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia for months.  We just can’t shake winter.  There have maybe been two days in the last two weeks where the temperatures have been sustained at above freezing long enough to get a decent flow of sap going.  We put out sap buckets on a couple of the trees on our new property in Vermont.  We have collected maybe four gallons of sap, enough to boil down to one tenth of a gallon of syrup.  Of course, we will wait until we have a little more before starting that process.  It’s just a childhood fancy of mine to boil my own sap.  We’ll get what we get.  But for many in Vermont it is a livelihood so I hope that when it starts flowing consistently it will keep it up well into April.  I don’t know how those who depend on the weather for their incomes sleep at night!

So, while we wait for the snow to melt and the snow drops and crocuses to emerge, I look into other paddling blogs. I find interesting stories like the young people who make kayaks out of soda bottles to educate about the environment.  On the other hand, I find that we could abandon Karen’s trusty, soft-sided cooler and invest in a high-tech cooler by Yeti that costs over $300.  Hum, I think we’ll stick to the old one.  And I cross the as yet still frozen Connecticut River awaiting anxiously the day that I see the ice break up and float away.  Then I will believe that we will actually have another week to paddle the Ohio River this summer!

Meanwhile, the low today, March 22, is supposed to be 7 degees.  At least it is 7 above zero for a change.


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