Reconnecting with friends

So, the planning begins.  I had the phone number of Tom Carnahan whose dock we had stopped at last year just downstream from Higginsport, Ohio, when the headwinds prohibited us from going more than one mile an hour.  I gave him a call, left a message and then got a call back minutes later.  It was great to reconnect with him and hear his reassuring voice.  He told me his wife had just asked if he had heard from us yet, realizing that it was getting close to a year.  So, they were waiting for us and that is sweet.  I asked if he thought we had given up the journey and he said no, he knew they would hear from us.  That was reassuring as well to know that others believe that we will keep going and meet our goal of getting to the  Mississippi River some day.  Tom told me his dock may not be in on May 11 but we can still camp there if we need to and carry the canoe down the stairs and put in without the dock.  When I mentioned that we could go in one mile downstream where the ferry landing to Augusta, KY, is, he reminded me that things do change in a year.  The ferry landing is all new and different.  Two stories!  My, there must be quite an upsurge in ferry traffic.  It is, of course, far from a bridge connecting KY and OH so I makes sense that there would be an investment in the ferry crossing.  Karen and I took that ferry to quaint Augusta, birthplace of Rosemary Clooney, when our journey was cut short by the weather. It was one of the best detours we might have taken!

With the Carnahans expecting us on May 10, we have a place to start and that is good.  The rest will unfold as it always has.


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