Thank you letter #7

The boat ramp at a private campground.

Syd on left, Corey on right.

The book Tony showed us.

Syd and Corey paddling a ways downriver with us!

Dear Syd, Corey and Tony,

It was great meeting you on Brush Creek. We found what we thought we would be quiet place to pull off at the ramp and eat our lunch. Little did we know that it would be the most social lunch we had the whole week. We saw your canoe but didn’t know who it belonged to until you showed up. It’s great, Syd, that you bought it to enjoy with your 12 year old son. Maybe some day he will paddle the length of the Ohio River as well! We really enjoyed talking to you all and hearing about Corey’s adventures with his friends from Michigan. Hope everything is working out for you all. Loved learning about Serpent Mound. We thought of trying to find it on our drive back to Huntington but decided it was too far out of our way. We’ll keep it in mind for next year, though.

We were happy to share our lunch fare with you and amused when you pegged us for Moms when Karen offered up the string cheese! And thanks, Tony, for letting us stay there even though it was kind of against the rules…at least your Dad’s rules! I was fascinated by the book you brought out with the image of the amount of cargo carried by barges vs. trains vs. overland trucks. That really helped in my understanding of the vital nature of the river to our economy.

Corey, it was so sweet of you to give us the crystal before we left. I am keeping it with some other tokens of power we picked up along the way. We will carry it with us again next year!

What we will remember most, however, is that you, Corey and Syd, decided to paddle out with us for a while. We have seen only one canoe in the 630 some miles we have travelled and NEVER has anyone joined us in paddling. It was very sweet to have you two, in your orange Mae West life preservers, paddle along side of us and chat for a while longer. I hope maybe you are actually reading this. If so, keep up with our blog and maybe you can join us for a bit next year as well.

Thanks again for making our lunch break so memorable. We are so happy to have met you.

Paddle well…and may you find many interesting places and people on your journeys,


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