Thank you letter #4

Dear Barb,

It was great to meet you, Ronnie and Randy at the Holiday Point Boat Club. We were so hot and dirty when we paddled into your little cove. I had called you some miles upriver to see if you had showers and ice and you said YES. Hallelujah! We were so sticky from the sweat and humidity of the night and day before with layers of sunscreen and bug repellent as well as ground in river grime. First thing we did before even finding you was find our way to the showers and it was heavenly. Then when I came to find you at the docks, you said we could pay for the ice ($1) but not the showers. You were so encouraging to me about our trip. Thanks. And I hope that you have looked up our blog and maybe you will even read this post.

As we paddled out, I remembered that I had forgotten to ask you about the strange UFO looking thing at the entrance to the cove so I called you and you explained that it was a concrete boat built by a guy some decades ago who wanted to prove that it would float. What a story you told including the fact that it was used as a speak easy on the water for the locals from the “dry” side of the river.

Well, we have depended on the kindness of people like you throughout our adventure down the rivers. As with those before, you graced us with your hospitality and encouragement.

Again, many thanks for being an oasis in our day.



PS: Hope your back is healing well from you surgery. Maybe you can lift a bag of ice now?




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