Thank you letter #2

Dear JR, Dave, Davey and Chris,

Thanks, JR, for helping me over the phone and letting us pull up our canoe at the marina in Huntington. I never met you in person because when we got there at around 6:30 pm, we met Dave and Davey who were spending the night on the barge and seemed happy to see something interesting come along like two crazy women in a canoe! They were very helpful.

Dave and Davey, thanks for helping us unload the canoe and pulling it up on the dock. And thanks for making sure all our gear was safe for the night. I have to say, we were a bit confused at the idea of you two city employees spending the whole night on that barge just so that it would not sink. I was fascinated by the room you showed me with the pumps pumping the water out. We are wondering how long you will have to keep watch!

Davey, thanks for the tour of the city and for driving us to the Holiday Inn. After getting showers, we walked around the city and ate at Max and Erma’s. Wow, do they ever have great hamburgers! They I got ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. I don’t know how Karen resisted that temptation.

The next morning we walked back to the barge and found that Chris was on the watch for keeping the barge from sinking that morning. He was expecting us and helped us take a gear back to the canoe and get the canoe in the water.

You all helped make our first day and night out on the river a great success. You really showed us Southern hospitality, and the city should be proud to have you as city employees!

Thanks again…and best wishes with that barge…we’ll be watching the news on that!





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