Each on our way home

Sunday morning in Columbus, Ohio: Last night we drove to the home of Pam Laing and enjoyed recounting our week to her, watching a storm that came with flood warnings from inside a home and beginning to acclimate to life off the river again. One fun thing we did to shift from canoe life to real life was to go to a mall and let someone scrub the ground-in dirt off our feet and give us a pedicure! (pictured here are our feet. The third mystery foot is Pam’s. She is also the woman in the attached photo.)
Karen has already left for Jamestown and Pam will be taking me shortly to the airport. We have not decided when we will return to the Ohio River as we have learned much more on this trip about the spring floods and the winds. We’ll do some research on whether late spring or early fall might be best. Since we are clearly in the South now, going earlier or later is not so much of an issue as it was in NY and PA in May or November when we had to wear wet suits. However, going in late June also had its positive side: much longer days, especially here in Ohio where it remained light until 9:30ish! So we have much to discuss and plan in order to meet our goal of completing the Ohio River in the next five years. We have about six hundred miles to go. We have already come about 650 since setting off on the tiny shores of the Cassadaga Creek at Red Bird Corners in NY! So while we have set a goal, this voyage has clearly become more about the journey than the destination!
Thank you, Karen, for sharing this unique journey with me.




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