The wind won… But we didn’t lose!

Yesterday we put in 22 miles, many of the latter miles paddling against head winds. The winds subsided as we approached Ripley, OH, and the boat club there at about 6:20. We had a real (aka not dehydrated) meal at the restaurant there and then walked about the town before retiring for the night determined to get on the river at dawn before the winds kicked up again. We were on the river by 6:20 this morning to the chirping of birds and roosters crowing across the river. The waters were smooth and we glided down the river with ease watching the sun come up. Having postponed breakfast so that we could get going, we decided after paddling about an hour and a half and getting another 4 1/2 miles under our paddles, to stop at a marina dock for breakfast. By then the wind was whipping up quite a bit and when we got back on the river we knew we had a chore in front of us. We went two miles before pulling into another boat club at Oak Creek. Karen found some helpful people, Alan, Bill and Kim. Alan offered his shower as we waited to see if the wind would ease up. We cleaned up, had a tour of the boat club, chatted for a bit more and then headed out again. About a mile and a half later, the waves peaked at three feet and we were exhausted even though it was a bit of fun on the waves. It had taken us an hour to go that mile and a half without ceasing our paddling. We were spent and thought it might now be dangerous so we hooked up to a private dock and met owners Tom and Sherri Carnahan who let us lunch on their deck overlooking the wavy river. Far better than being in the river! Tom said that the river was not likely going to get calmer for the next couple of days and suggested we head by ferry across the river to Augusta, KY. Long story short (I’ll write more when I have a regular keyboard)…we are happily settled into a very old Kentucky log cabin at a B and B for the night. Our own old Kentucky home. Attached are photos of the log home and the raging waters! We will not make our intended destination of New Richmond but we will have gone 130 miles on our journey and we are proud and content and exhausted!





2 responses to “The wind won… But we didn’t lose!

  1. Hey Ladies, This is ALan’s wife Lysa from White Oak Creek Marina–Just checked out your blog. Sorry you did not make it much further when you left our campsite-That weekend turned out to be wicked weather wise. I saw that your next adventure next year you will be leaving from White Oak– Get in contact with us before you leave and we will hook you up with a fantastic pre-kick off dinner the night before you leave. Keep in touch.
    Safe travels

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