Day One: I’m on a layover at Midway waiting to board the plane to Columbus, Ohio where Karen will pick me up. 2 1/2 hours from there we will meet Sheila who is the angel helping us with transportation. This afternoon we will put into the river and paddle for 11 miles where we will spend our first night on the river in a motel.
The irony? As we get ready to paddle the ways of people from hundreds of years ago…maybe thousands…I am looking at the Sky Mall catalog and realize how fast the technology is changing. Vizix wrap 1200 is video eyewear! And then there is the Solowheel sort of like a Segue. And the solar generator so that you can watch tv while camping! Yikes. Give me a paddle and I’ll be happy! A quiet week away from all technology save for my iPhone is in order. While things change rapidly around us, we will let the river carry us slowly and gently.

One of the fun things about our journey is sharing our stories with others. My seat mate on the plane from Manchester was an enthusiastic listener. Thanks, Ken, for listening! Hope to hear from you on the blog!



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