The Planning Begins for June 2013

So Karen and I talked on the phone last night and set the dates for our next 100+ miles down the Ohio River. Funny that at nearly the same time, in the cold and snow of the winter, we turned our imaginations to the river we have grown to love. It’s time to figure out how we are going to get there, who will help us into the river and who will meet us some miles down the river. Will it be hot like last year…over 105 degrees when we got off the river…or cold like the years that inspite of our wetsuits we were both silently sure that we might die of hypothermia? One thing we feel sure of is that we will continue to meet wonderful and helpful people along the river’s edge. And we know that we will enjoy the silence of paddling for miles just looking at the river or pondering the horizon and that when it is time for silence to pass, we will talk and share the journey of our lives for the past year since we were last on the river together. This challenge/dare to paddle to New Orleans that started 12 or so years ago has matured into a spiritual and physical discipline as well as a testament to a 20 year old friendship. Three months to go!


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