Safely out of the river

We arrived at our destination in Athalia, Ohio, at almost exactly 1 pm.  Our ride showed up just a few minutes later and we were packed and heading back to Marietta in no time.  The last leg of the journey, about 12 miles, was beautiful and yet again gifted us with some strong headwinds, particularly as we neared the end.  Why is it that the last few miles of a long journey can seem so very long? It’s the home stretch thing, we presume.  After 125 miles on the Ohio, we are more grateful than ever for an enduring friendship, the beauty of God’s creation, the fact that our bodies can still sleep on the ground and paddle when our muscles seem spent.  We are grateful for challenges that teach us lesson upon lesson about life and faith. We are also grateful for our friends who have thought about us and prayed for us this week.  We will post more stories and photos when we get back to our regular sized keyboards…so tune in later this weekend or next week for more.


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