It’s not February anymore….

…and we are literally gearing up for the next 150 miles of our Ohio River journey in Wonder, our trusty red canoe.  Last time I wrote, I was concerned about the water levels.  It was a dry winter and we wondered if we would be paddling more and more if the river was flowing less and less.  Here’s our answer to the water level question:

Of course, I have no idea what the water levels actually mean!  Maybe we will learn about that this year.  Since it has been raining steadily for about a week here in Massachusetts and likely Ohio, too, we may be saved!  We like it to rain now not just for the water level but in hopes that it will get it out of its system.  The last two trips we took, last fall and last spring, we were soaked and cold most of the time.  Going in late June this year, we are hoping at least not to be cold.

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