Gearing up once again!

So, it is only February, but Karen and I were able to spend a day together this past weekend to hatch plans for our next trip.  We are tentatively set to head back onto the Ohio River on Sunday, June 17th, and paddle for four days and maybe part of a fifth day.  We hope to get another 125 miles or so down the river.  And we look forward to paddling at a time of the year that we should not need to wear our wetsuits.  They are helpful when it is cold but a nuisance in all the ways you can imagine and perhaps some that you can’t imagine if you have never worn one!  Some of the things we are thinking about:

Does this dry and snowless winter mean that the river will be low and S-L-O-W???

It was clear when we arrived in Marietta last October that we were in new, flat, midwestern terrain.  Will that continue?

Who will be the angels who help us along the way this time?

Will we get to paddle without it raining every day?

So, stay tuned for more plans and ponderings.


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