It’s Always Worth It in the End

We spent three rainy days on the Ohio River this time…we almost pulled the plug on the adventure this time after the first day.  We were soaked, shivering and the end of the rain was not in sight.  However, we found a park shelter and hunkered down after finding a sports bar in Paden City, WV, to get a hot supper.  In the morning (and we did stay dry and warm in the tent!) we decided to chance another day…heading out to the amazement of some of the people in the RV park who stood and took our photos as we set sail.  We paddled for about 30 minutes when the rains started again and we found another shelter and stayed for about two hours, fixing our first hot lunch and finding a heated restroom at the campground where we warmed up a bit.  We decided to shoot for a Wayne National Forest and a campground about 17 miles down.  As long as we knew we had a campground ahead, we didn’t mind the idea of getting soaked again…so we did and we were rewarded by finding a peaceful lagoon like entrance to the park…quiet and still.  We set up camp, enjoyed the bath facilities including how showers and successfully made a smoky campfire with soaked wood…but it was a campfire.  A beautiful park and refuge for us.  Finally, the third day we awoke to the potential of no rain.  We headed out with Marietta in our scopes.  We paddled the full day, only a mist of rain but cloudy…sometimes the clouds thinned enough that we got a bit of sunburn on our noses.  When we got out in Marietta, Ohio, a quaint small city on the river, the sun came out in earnest to celebrate our completing 400 miles of our journey since 2001!  So, it was worth it to us…the river continues to entrance me and gave us gifts like the siting of a bald eagle on that last day!  More later…from both of us!


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