Scoping out the river

I never imagined I would be so drawn to river life.  I can hardly wait to get back out.  Karen and I will be going back out on the Ohio on October 2 for three days.  I have made some connections in Powhatan Point, OH, where we got out of the river in May.  Jennifer is a woman who works at the City Building there and I found my way to her by calling the local Riverside Restaurant where we had had lunch in May awaiting Karen’s son Kyle to pick us up.  Jennifer spoke with her aunt who lives on the river and she is willing to let us camp there our first night and then put Wonder, our red canoe in there as well.  Jennifer is now looking for someone who might pick us up downriver and drive us back to Powhatan Point.  I have every reason to believe that she will succeed.  We have found folks along the river helpful and welcoming.

If we do about 25-27 miles a day, we will have the good fortune of spending two nights in the Wayne National Forest along the river.  I was hoping we would get a chance to visit the Ohio River Museum in Marietta but it is closed during the week for the season.  So we will have to learn about the river through our normal processes….looking and asking questions along the way.

The goal on this trip may be to get to Belpre which will add about 80 miles to our journey.

On October 1, I fly to Pittsburgh where Karen will meet me and we’ll drive down to Powhatan Point, set up for the night and hope to get some rest for the journey ahead.  I’ll ask Chelsea if she will be able to help us again by posting photos on our blog that I will text message to her.  So, stay tuned, and thanks for your interest in following this Wonder-ful journey of ours.


2 responses to “Scoping out the river

  1. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your wonderful journey. I am hoping to get to talk with you more when we pick you up on Tuesday. I apologize for being out running errands after you arrived. All Ethan kept saying while we were grocery shopping was that he was going to sleep with you when we got home and that you would like his Transformer costume. From what my Dad told me of your conversation, it truly is a small world (Palatine, IL). And a word to the wise…Wonder has quite a punch if you aren’t watching where you walk! She clocked me good when we were bringing groceries in. Again, it’s very nice to meet you. I hope we keep i n touch for a long time to come! Be safe! And enjoy!

    • Jennifer, Ethan and Jim,
      Thanks so much for all your help and posting photos on our blog! We are so pleased to have met you and hope that we will see you the next time we put into the river…hopefully next spring or summer! Be well!

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