The Ohio Calls Us Back to Her

Just as the river changes constantly, so do our lives. Karen decided to resign from a position she has held for 18 years. A leap of faith for her as she opens herself to what life holds for her next. I am now a year into a new job I took when I moved back from New Mexico. Karen’s oldest son has become engaged. My daughter just got a book deal with Random House. Karen and Mark have a new house to work on. And our husbands continue to be the souls willing to anchor our adventurous beings.

And through it all the river keeps flowing steadily and faithfully to the Gulf of Mexico. I want to learn from the river. I love the river, by which I mean rivers in general. But I am having a hard time learning about the peace and the strength they carry.

Since I moved back to the east coast, we can now try to plan more than a trip on the river every year or two. We want to go for a couple of trips EACH year. However, each trip still takes effort as we live in two different states and we will be paddling between two others. Getting Wonder, our red canoe, to the river is Karen’s job as she is the caretaker. Getting me there is the job of Southwest Airlines. Yes, it remains complicated.

Perhaps this time out I will learn more and really absorb the power of the river. We will return to the Ohio River the first weekend of October, hoping to catch a warmish fall and not have to don our wetsuits for this short trip. We will put in where we pulled out in May in the small town of Powhatan Point, Ohio. Karen ordered the new navigational charts and has them in hand. I have looked up some phone numbers to find people who might help us get to and from our car. My plane reservations are made.

What will the river teach us this time? Will she flow more slowly in the fall? In May we had the advantage of the spring rains. LOTS of spring rains and a fast moving river. Usually we paddle in the spring. I don’t think we have been on either of the big rivers in the fall.

So, please stay tuned as we gear up, literally and figuratively, for another few days of geting off the grid…well, with our cell phones, of course…and letting Mother Nature retrain us.


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